How to Calculate My Carbon Footprint?

Carbon dioxide emissions (also known as the carbon footprint) are directly related to the daily activities we perform.

There are several tools that are available for the calculation of a carbon footprint, where the most reliable and widely used are the ones based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP). The CalculateMyCo2.com website is developed on the GHGP’s methodology that uses relevant Emission Factors (EF) to quantify your emissions by:
  • Reading your monthly electricity bill: If the bills are not provided on monthly basis, then divide your kWh consumption by the bill’s given period to obtain the monthly value.
  • Obtaining your monthly back-up generator / Ishtirak usage in 'Amperes' and 'Hours.'
  • Reading your cars odometer and writing down the KM driven per car and per month. It is also important to know your vehicle, the model year and fuel type (gasoline or diesel).
  • Obtaining the monthly consumed amount of diesel (in liters) that is used for your home heating and power generator.
  • Obtaining the amount of cooking gas (in Kg) per month.
  • Obtaining the monthly usage of paper and size (A4, A3, etc.) in sheets